Afspilning af farve, Opal - 17.48 ct

Afspilning af farve, Opal - 17.48 ct
Cabochon - IGE

Opal, Best Grade Play of Color - 17.48 ct

Origin: Ethiopia
Size: 22.55x13.75x12.95 mm
Treatment: Any treatment, see report
IGE Report D14682
New, in Sealed IGE Bag

It's really an rarest & Spectacular Opal , by very large size and Intense Multicolor Fires Flashes.
Note that Pictures no was color enhanced, just was taken in macro mode under light ( sun, incandescent, fluorescent, led ) to show the most details with maximum honesty.
You can see full Color fires even under strong light like show in pictures, and even on the back of Opal.
Really so long time that i no found an so Beautiful Whaoou Opal like this one.
You can easy check that Best Grade Opal like this one, with honeycomb effect, can worth over 12500 € on the trade, and so many time no was certified by a serious European Lab like are this one

Country of origin is the gemological opinion of the seller.

- Shipment by Full value Insured ( when over 100 € ) Registred Express Mail with tracking number, 1 to 10 days depending of destination country.
- Very nice to make wonderful piece of jewelry, specimen, collection or a beautiful gift !
- Some imperfections ( like micro scratches) or details may not be visible to the naked eye, please carefully look at all pictures before placing a bid.
- Where I have represented the colour of this gemstone as accurately as I can, monitors and screens show colours differently. Please bear this in mind when bidding.

Afspilning af farve, Opal
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