Jean-Louis Domecq - Jielde - 5 armlampe lamper (2)

Jean-Louis Domecq - Jielde - 5 armlampe lamper (2)
Frankrig - 1950-1959 - Jern (støbt/smeltet)

These Jieldé lamps are original specimens from the 1950s with beautiful brushed stainless steel/aluminium look.
These 2 lamps stand out in particular by the contrast between the hinges and rods.
Very elegant and luxury appearance!

The heavy base, a brake disc that was used to mount the lamps on workbenches, ensures a perfect balance in every position.

The maximum height is approx. 230 cm, the arms are 40 cm long.
These lamps have an undamaged lampshade, all dents have been removed and they are plain white on the inside, with a few very minuscule dents on the outside, which only add to their character.
These wonderful, perfectly restored 5-armed lamps can be shaped into every desired form to create a true work of art!

It was designed by the French engineer Jean-Louis Domecq (Jieldé abbreviated) and was mainly used in studios as a work lamp.
The unique thing about this lamp are the joints.
Normally, loose wires are used in hinge lamps, causing friction and often breakage.
In the 1950s, the French engineer devised a safe, reliable and patented alternative where copper rings were placed in the joints.
These rings conduct the electricity, so wire breakage will not occur..

Antal artikler
5 armlampe lamper
Jern (støbt/smeltet)
Designer/ kunstner
Jean-Louis Domecq
Producent / mærke
Anslået periode
Fremragende stand - næsten ikke brugt med minimalt tegn på aldring og slid
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