Romersk antik Bly sjældne Mystery Cult plaque med Sol og Epona - 93×77.7 mm

Romersk antik Bly sjældne Mystery Cult plaque med Sol og Epona - 93×77.7 mm
2nd - 3rd century AD

A very impressive and rare Roman/Celtic lead Mystery cult plaque.

The rectangular plaque shows a temple with Corinthian capitals with snakes in the corners above. Sol with a crown of rays in a Quadriga above the the Celtic horse goddess Epona in the center. Below are several figures, some grouped around a table of fish. The bottom row shows a kantharos, a lion, a snake and a rooster, representing the four elements: water, fire, earth, and air.

Epona was one of the few Celtic divinities worshipped in Rome itself and was widespread in the Roman Empire between the first and third century AD.

Size: 93 x 77,7 mm
Condition: very good condition, signs of wear and patina consistent with age and use.

Certificate of Authenticity available upon request (pdf-format).
Shipping: registered and insured parcel.

Purchased by the current owner from a Belgian collection.
The seller guarantees this piece is acquired in a legal manner. Related documents seen by Catawiki.

All shipments outside the EU must be accompanied by an export licence, this will be arranged by the seller. The buyers must take account of a 3-6 weeks waiting period for the licence plus additional processing time by their country’s Customs department.

Romersk antik
sjældne Mystery Cult plaque med Sol og Epona
93×77.7 mm
Århundrede/ Tidsramme
2nd - 3rd century AD
God stand, se billede
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