Belgien - Double action (DA) - Stifttænding (Lefaucheux) - Revolver - 7mm Cal

Belgien - Double action (DA) - Stifttænding (Lefaucheux) - Revolver - 7mm Cal
Meget god - Pibe er riflet - Ikke deaktiveret

Lefaucheux type revolver made in Liege, 6-shot cylinder, 7 mm calibre with pinfire, folding trigger, faceted barrel, lock with single and double action.

The weapon is in excellently well-preserved condition. Frame, cylinder and barrel in polished steel. Slight surface oxidation in some localised places with signs of orange peel. The varnished wooden grip plates are in very good condition.

Fully functional weapon with single and double action. Powerful percussion, impeccable trigger return spring. Excellent indexing and air gap. The extraction rod is functional, as well as the loading gate. The cylinder chambers and barrel are clean. All the screw heads have been well-preserved. Can be fully disassembled with no problems.

On the cylinder is a starred ‘ELG’ in an oval, a hallmark from the Liège proof house, from between 1811 and 1893. On the right side of the bolt is a starred ‘Y’, inspector’s countermark used between 1853 and 1877.

Parcel packed with care and shipped with insurance up to the value of the sale.
Category D2 weapon, free possession and purchase in France.

NOTE: due to a busy schedule, items will only be shipped on Saturdays.

Stifttænding (Lefaucheux)
Double action (DA)
7mm Cal
Certificeret deaktivering
Ikke deaktiveret
Meget god
Pibe er riflet
Samlet længde
203 mm
Pibe/ bladlængde
86 mm
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