Oldtidens Grækenland, hellenistisk Terrakotta Meget stor gutus med Eros

Oldtidens Grækenland, hellenistisk Terrakotta Meget stor gutus med Eros
Campania, ca. 360 to 325 BC

Description: A fine mould-made ceramic guttus (also guttos) used to pour oil into oil-burning lamps. The vessel rests upon a concave ringed foot with a discoid body, a small ring-shaped handle and an upturned pouring spout with an flared ringed lip.
The central tondo depicts a beautiful Eros (Cupid) in relief.

Period: Magna Graecia, Southern Italy, Campania, c. 360 to 325 BC

Size: Height: 15 cm, width: 14 cm.

Condition: A small chip on the spout visible in the photo, otherwise very
beautiful, large piece showing no restorations.

Origin: Collection from a Belgian aristocratic family, acquired throughout his life by the husband (deceased in 2012) of Madame A-M de G.

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Oldtidens Grækenland, hellenistisk
Meget stor gutus med Eros
Århundrede/ Tidsramme
Campania, ca. 360 to 325 BC
God stand, se billede
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